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Matt has been an integral part of our firm since the turn of the 21st century in 1999. His talents center around water, wastewater, transportation and drainage and includes water master planning and impact fee computational data for eleven cities in the north Texas region. He leads the design process, as well as the bidding and construction administration services, on a wide variety of municipal engineering projects, most notably paving and drainage projects. These range anywhere from alley configurations to major arterial sections. Land Development reviews and the creation of Development standards for municipalities are also part of his expertise.        


Mr. Hickey’s water and wastewater conveyance experience includes pipe sizes from 6-inch to 72-inch diameters.  He has designed high service water pump stations up to 800-horsepower, ground storage reservoirs with capacities up to 15-million gallons

and elevated storage tank swith capacities up to 3-million gallons.  His wastewater lift stations design experience ranges from 5-horsepower up to 250-horsepower.


Mr. Hickey is a 1994 graduate of Texas A & M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  He is an active member of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers and has served a leadership role as a board member of the Preston Trail Chapter in the past.  In 2000, Matt received the “Outstanding Young Engineer of the Year” award from the Preston Trail Chapter, recognizing him as a distinguished professional through achievements of both technical and exemplary service to the community early in his career.

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